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I started working during the summer holidays when I was fifteen. After fifty-one years, the time for retirement is finally approaching. I decided to become a writer. Is there keyboard abandonment syndrome? Already at the age of eight I discarded singing and dancing. Excellent painter but limited to white, to keep at least the brain young, I think it's the right choice. I await confirmation from you. Years building, in construction and then in IT. Like many "differently young people", many beautiful memories. Absolutely indifferent to the problem of artificial intelligence (AI), but very concerned about natural stupidity (NS). I thought I'd start with an eBook series: “Little Bear Ideas”. The very first one is: “The Courage of Salmon” on kobo. Regretting my youthful adventures in Africa, finally, after years of: BASIC, CLIPPER, C, C++, Powerbuilder, Javascript, Java, PHP, GO, Ruby on Rails, Haskell, Erlang, Rust, I consider them only as companions on a long journey lasted thirty-eight years. Reminding me of the pleasant moments, and forgetting: the "dances" for incompatible versions, for blocked updates. Finally the hours of "debugging" spent together are just a vague memory. On social media you are all better than me, I'll leave it up to you. You can find me in the garden. Green economy? No, no economy, full salad, and for gender equality also some red radish. To contact me use a carrier pigeon, which is better than a smartphone. If you don't agree, try eating it.

Paolo Petricevic
The Courage of Salmon
ideas to get back upstream

The uncle's experience, advice and ideas, between past and present, to encourage his young grandchildren to build a future for themselves, without stopping in the face of difficulties. With the awareness of a world in technological evolution, which leaves behind those who are slow to adapt. The favorite verbs are: listen, reflect, build, invent, solve. Adventures and examples from the past as a stimulus to develop projects in the present. This is just the beginning of a series of books, with educational ideas and interdisciplinary ideas, to encourage you to start your own business. Using, as a starting point, thoughtfulness, knowledge, and intelligence, which are more important than initial capital. With the desire that they can encourage my grandchildren, and many other young people, or otherwise young people. For gender equality, and the case, my dear heirs are Mariana and Fernando, who don't know Java, PHP, GO, but they can always learn them. Those who are satisfied, but curious, can find many ideas to increase their knowledge, and have fun with self-deprecating moments. If you already knew everything, and you were just bored, you will find a way to tell me, and it will serve as an incentive for me to do better.

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