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easy and robust programs since 1985

What we do
We simplify your work to give you more free time

Customized for you, simple to use, solid and fast, developed to simplify your life. We develop applications in various languages for any operating system, both web, for computers and smartphones, but also classic programming. The programs can be networked with other computers, also integrated with other web applications, connected with peripherals of any type, and numerical control machines. To facilitate data entry, we use auto-complete, and "drag and drop". The classic programming has contextual Help and is rich in data filters: by phone book, or drop-down. Through telework we guarantee assistance and maintenance anywhere in the world.


Data is the most valuable asset of the company. Since 1986 we have been taking care of everything you need to store, process and extract your data: installation and configuration of the main SQL and NoSQL databases. Modeling and optimization of tables, including databases already in use. Realization and optimization of: complex selections, triggers, procedures, and functions. Structuring of de-standardized databases also for DataWereHouse, with transfers and alignments via triggers. Creation of high-performance server-side programs for data connection and extraction or alignment.

Mobile Apps

Interacting with staff or customers, regardless of the platform, becomes increasingly important for: the acquisition of data, for assistance, or simply to respond promptly to a request. We specialize in the creation of Javascript Mobile Apps, operating online and offline, on any device, mobile or fixed, without the need for installation, simply by connecting to a page on your company website.


Since 1986 we have been dealing with programming in CAD / CAM environment. We have made various parameterizations of objects, programs for modifying and inserting particular components in the drawing, extracting data and processing them. These are only part of the simplifications that can transform a simple electronic drafting machine into a rapid drawing machine, able to quickly produce the most sophisticated estimates. By means of: extraction and optimization, drawing computers can be connected directly to any numerical control machine equipped with an interface.

Graphic, web design, and..

We are professionals who love: planning, creating, and producing online and offline marketing campaigns. Our main commitment is to find the best solutions to the needs of our customers. We are convinced that working in a team can achieve great results. Our services are customized for your projects: creativity, strategy, content production, design. We have the experience of writing success stories with you: spots, ESP (Eagle Station Pallasites) projects, promotions and competitions, animation, post-production, and music.

Costs and Benefits

Nowadays it is impossible to renounce computer science, but you can try to optimize costs, investing more where necessary, and saving on the superfluous. Nowadays information technology, with all its many offers, is vast, for non-professionals a sea to get lost in, often wasting precious time and money. Together we can choose the best solutions for you, planning and optimizing your investments to obtain the maximum with minimum effort.

About Us
IT evolution and choices

Our main commitment is to find the best solutions to the needs of our customers. We are convinced that working in a team, even with international collaborations, can achieve great results.

  • Programs
  • SQL and NoSQL
  • Mobile Apps
  • CAD / CAM
  • Graphic, web design, and..
  • Costs and Benefits
We love what we do, check out some of our recent work
Paolo Petricevic progetti 04

Company presentation site in PHP with Bootstrap 4.5 fast and scalable for use on mobile devices. The design choices favored smartphone users with: the menu button always present, and the ability to browse all the wine cards with a simple click. The company independently manages the news through wiki syntax pages.

Visit the WEBSITE

“I found the problems of drawing something simultaneously elegant and practical to use on a small space, and easy to read in different light conditions, very stimulating.“

Carlos Valdespino Quevedo
Carlos Valdespino QuevedoDesigner
Paolo Petricevic progetti 01


Web document management developed in GoLang with Bootstrap 4, extremely fast, and simple to use, also usable from smartphones. Saved documents never overlap, they generate a new version. Four levels of users to cover all your needs.

Download PDF

“I contributed to this project with enthusiasm, because I think it can simplify the work. Making documents accessible to my whole group, simply and securely, is a great thing.“

Mariana Valdespino Hernández
Mariana Valdespino HernándezDesigner
Paolo Petricevic progetti 02


A complete suit for the whole Horeca world. The environment configurable with the touch interface from the speakers, but also with the mouse interface, with more functionality and greater simplicity. Warehouse with recipes, quotes, and calculation of availability based on stock to ensure maximum control of costs and margins. Dedicated module for the kitchen. Personalized prints for quotes and paper menus. Innovative account management that also allows separation by guest with a simple click. Interfaceable with the following modules:

  • iNote: for the command of the waiters, flexible, usable on all smartphones.
  • iMenù: photographic menu with filters for allergens, intolerances and diets. Multilingual and the possibility to activate the command.
  • Hotel: program for managing reservations, payments, extras and many other tools.

Download PDF

“Working in a wonderful group for this adventure, which never ceases to amaze, has been my greatest professional satisfaction.“

Carlos Valdespino Quevedo
Carlos Valdespino QuevedoWeb Designer
Paolo Petricevic progetti 03


Digital menu with the possibility of direct or filtered order. Display and filter of: Allergens, intolerances, or diets. Scalar dishes of the day based on availability. Multilingual options. Scalable on any monitor. Also visible on the customer's mobile phone via printable QR-code. It works both online and disconnected. Also connectable with myHoreca.

Download PDF

“A new experience not to be forgotten.“

Fernando Valdespino Hernandez
Fernando Valdespino HernandezSound Engineer
Free utility programs


Copy paste multi lines
Copy paste multi lines

Multi-line copy and paste tool:

  • Organized as a tree of three levels, it allows you to easily find lines of code that are used frequently, or that are difficult to remember.
  • Free choice of labels and background colors facilitate visual memory and search.
  • With a simple click the code is available to be pasted where needed.
  • Import and save data in numerous formats: TXT, CSV, Excel, SQL.
Only for Windows or Linux operating systems with Wine.


Multifunction text editor
Multifunction text editor

Unformatted text editor with several useful features for programmers:

  • Searches for multiple lines and replaces multiple lines, including special characters such as: carriage return, tabs. Work on the open file or multiple files, selected from the current folder or from a list.
  • ODBC connection to databases, and execution of the edited SQL. Window for copying and pasting table and field names.
  • Performs a SELECT and allows you to modify data even on multiple tables at the same time.
  • Copy and paste of the main HTML TAGs.
  • List of files in a folder with different possibilities to edit and rename the file names or to duplicate them with a different name.
  • Add or remove carriage returns in comma separated lists. Great for reordering or compacting large SQL SELECTs on a single line.
  • Remove pairs of round brackets.
  • Detach columns of text separated by any word or character at the beginning and by a different word or character at the end.
  • Each save automatically generates a different .bak file, preserving the history of all saves.
Only for Windows or Linux operating systems with Wine.


Graphical interface for: Backup, Restore, and duplication of MySql
Graphical interface for: Backup, Restore, and duplication of MySql

GUI tool for backup, restore, and duplication of MySql database:

  • Simple and intuitive graphic interface for the main operations.
  • Ability to configure preferred HostName, Port, and Schema.
  • The backup includes only one scheme selected in the dropdown, it will be complete with triggers, procedures, functions, and views.
  • In the folder: "Restore" the scheme is editable. Typing a new name will create a new scheme and restore the data.
Tested with MySql 5.6 and 5.7. on debian 8 and 9 with mate.
For Linux operating systems only.


English wooden beam calculation
English wooden beam calculation

Calculation of English wooden beam and axial design of elements:

  • Entering and editing all parameters.
  • Weight calculation from the center distance of several English beams.
  • Verification including self-weight of the elements.
  • Editing of individual resulting elements.
  • Display of out-of-norms in red.
  • Longitudinal drawing from axis to axis of the elements in DXF format.
Only for Windows or Linux operating systems with Wine.


Compare YML file
Compare YML file

Compare YML files with line insertion:

  • Master file on the left, file to compare on the right.
  • Insert blank lines where it finds added lines.
  • Highlight lines with different colors: added, deleted, notes, main clef, and identical lines.
  • Ideal for Ruby on Rails developers with multilingual sites.
Only for Windows or Linux operating systems with Wine.


Generate SH to install Ruby on Rails GEM
Generate SH to install Ruby on Rails GEM

Generate linux SH file to install Ruby on Rails GEM:

  • Scan the Gemfile.lock to determine the GEMs to install.
  • Concatenates even more Gemfile.locks to create a single SH file that speeds up Deploy operations on production servers.
Only for Windows or Linux operating systems with Wine.


PING multiple addresses
PING multiple addresses

PingAll PING from a starting address to an ending address:

  • You can stop and resume the loop.
  • Replies can be saved to repeat PING only active addresses.
Only for Windows or Linux operating systems with Wine.


For any: modification, addition, or suggestion to improve the programs do not hesitate to contact me. Any idea to grow is welcome.

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